Frederik Schauhoff took his first vocal lessons with Irmtraut Griebler and Ingeborg Danz.

He started his Bachelor of Music in 2011 at the University of Music Cologne under Prof. Lioba Braun with whom he is currently continuing his Master of Music.

He performed with the Concerto Köln, Concerto con anima, Bergische Symphoniker and Bochum Symphony Orchestra under Thomas Neuhoff and Marcus Creed in the Philharmonic Hall of Cologne, as well as the Tonhalle Düsseldorf, the chamber music hall of the Beethoven-Haus Bonn and the

Johann-Sebastian-Bach hall in Köthen.


Julia Hermanski and Frederik Schauhoffs’ first creations started when working on one of the most considerable works of singing literature - Schuberts "Winterreise".

A unique way of approaching the music developed during the cooperation with Michael Gees and Prof. Stefan Irmer.

In their concerts harmony meets individuality.

F. Schubert - Litanei auf das Fest Aller Seelen

F. Schubert - "Halt" from Die schöne Müllerin